Why Giving


In the history of Nanjing University’s development, we have received great support both from governments of different levels and from society. To build ours into a “world-class university,” we need large amounts of financial support. Adequate funding is the primary guarantee for the reform and development of the university, and so generous support of colleagues and friends at home and abroad is greatly appreciated. Within the overall development plan of the university, NJUEDF gives high priority to the following items of work:

Student Cultivation

A nation’s prosperity and progress relies on talents cultivated by universities. With the goal of Cultivating future talents from all walks of life, the university is striving to build China's best undergraduate education and high-level graduate education. The support and care from those of all sectors of society are indispensible in the growth of students at Nanjing University. NJUEDF is committed to making efforts to enable students of the university to take part in overseas exchange programs and international conferences, create scholarships and student aid, and establish overseas-exchange-and-student-activity funds to broaden their horizons and improve their social and innovation skills.

Faculty Development

A first-class university requires first-class faculty. Nanjing University has a high-caliber faculty. Following the strategy of talent-based development, Nanjing University pays close attention to the nurturing of high-level personnel, focusing on faculty development and teaching improvement. By establishing various research grants, honored professorships, and talent support plans, the university attracts influential teaching and research faculty and stimulates the vitality of the whole university community.

Subject Support

Nanjing University emphasizes the content and quality of development. In order to promote the research and innovation ability and optimize the curriculums of academic subjects, it has carried out the overall planning and deployment about research on subject construction. Apart from the current achievements, major breakthroughs are to be made especially in the development of fundamental subjects. Such trailblazing exploration requires long-term support from the alumni and friends.

Campus Construction

Nanjing University has three campuses, Gulou, Pukou and Xianlin, which show great cultural accumulation and strong characteristics of times. In order to create a good working and learning environment for all teachers and students, seeking the support from those of various walks of life for campus construction is always an important aspect of fund-raising.

Nanjing University Development Fund

To lay the groundwork for sustainable development, the university has established a Nanjing University Development Fund with undesignated donations to meet important and urgent needs concerning the university’s development.

School/Department Development Fund

In order to support the development of its schools and departments in subject development, talent cultivation and other undertakings, Nanjing University encourages these schools and departments to raise funds so as to establish a School/Department Development Fund that supports the invitation of well-known scholars from at home and abroad; the rewarding of outstanding contributions by teachers, researchers and management staff; scholarships for student training in academic and innovation ability; funding for outstanding teachers and students in their participation in international conferences; and funding of academic innovation research and its publication.


Communication and cooperation

Developing a global financing network

Nanjing University Education Foundation (USA), with the authorization of Nanjing University, was registered 1n 2008 in Delaware by the U.S. law, and its formal operation started in 2010. It has so far received all kinds of donations totaling US$5 million.


Hong Kong is an important financing base. Over the past 20 years, Nanjing University has received from Hong Kong a total of more than 500 million yuan RMB in support of over one hundred projects of the university.

Deepening cooperation with people of different social walks from at home and abroad

1. Nanjing University Board

In 1997, Nanjing University Board was formally established. The board is comprised of people at home and abroad who are enthusiastic for the university’s education and development. It has gradually become a support organization for the university's decisions, strategy implementations and networks of social resources. The board meets regularly and has had five sessions since its establishment. The current chair of the board is the university’s president Chen Jun.

2. University Development Ambassadors

They are people who care for the development of the university and are willing to seek resources for it from inside and outside of the university.

3. The alumni association and its chapters

The activities of the alumni association are rich and innovative, with an emphasis on interaction and on O2O. The association holds annual global alumni work meetings. It brings the alumni all over the world closer to the alma mater and attracts more alumni to join the work of supporting the university’s development. 

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