Wang Shouren

Wang Shouren, professor of English, received his Ph.D. in English literature from King’s College, London University in 1988, and has been teaching at English Department, Nanjing University since then. He is Chairman of the National Foreign Languages Teaching Advisory Board under the Ministry of Education, Vice Chairman of China Foreign Literature Association, Chairman of China Association for the Study of Literature in English (2011-2015), and Chairman of Jiangsu Academy of Foreign Literature.

Professor Wang Shouren’s research covers British literature, contemporary American fiction, literary history, Chinese culture, and English education in China. He writes in both English and Chinese. His English book The Theatre of the Mind was published by Macmillan in 1990. His Chinese books on British and American literature include A Literary History of the United States Since 1945 (2002), Gender, Race and Culture: A Study of Toni Morrison’s Novels (2004), A History of 20th Century British Literature (2006), Report on College Foreign Language Teaching in China: 1978-2008 (2008), A History of British Literary Criticism (2012) and over 140 papers. He is editor-in-chief of many textbooks, and a co-editor of multi-volume A History of 20th Century Foreign Literature (2004). He translated The Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy into Chinese.

Professor Wang Shouren is a recipient of many grants, awards and fellowships, including National Award for Distinguished Teacher, National/Provincial Award for Excellence in the Humanities Studies, Harvard-Yenching Fellowship and Fulbright Research Visiting Scholar grant. In 2014 he was selected into the National High-Level Personnel of Special Support Program. Currently he is Director of Center for Teaching and Learning at Nanjing University.

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