The Symphony Orchestra of Nanjing University

The Symphony Orchestra of Nanjing University was founded in 2000, composed of students of different majors. In November 2011, it was named by Jiangsu Provincial Education Department “the Symphony Orchestra of the College Students Art Group of Jiangsu Province.” The orchestra has cooperated with many famous conductors, performers and singers at home and abroad and has held more than 100 concerts. It is highly regarded by professionals at home and abroad and by people from different circles of society.  

The orchestra is committed to promoting both high art and the quality-oriented education. Every year, the orchestra gives many high-level theme concerts to celebrate traditional festivals or other important days. The concert is also always an item on the agenda when the university receives important guests and conduct exchange activities. The conductor of the orchestra, Lv Xiaoyi, also teaches music art at the university. Besides regular teaching, he offers orchestra training courses open to all students so as to encourage them to participate.  

Since 2005, the orchestra has taken up the task of “introducing high art to campus” entrusted by the Ministry of Education and Jiangsu Provincial Education Department and has held about 100 concerts for music appreciation. In 2015, it held eight concerts in several schools, colleges and universities, with a total audience of over 20,000.

The orchestra has certainly helped to increase Nanjing University’s international influence. It has received invitations from USA, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Australia and other countries, and in August 2004, it even received the invitation from the Vienna City Government to perform in the Golden Hall.  

Also in 2004, the orchestra went to several universities in UK, France and Germany and gave concerts there. This was the first time that college students in China performed in Europe. In 2005, it was highly received when performing in Hong Kong and Taiwan. In October 2007, it held three concerts in Leipzig, Germany, and at each had to return to the stage ten times to thank the audience. In April 2010, it was well received in Macau at the invitation of Macao University.    

In February 2009 and February 2012, the orchestra took part in the Second and the Third National College Students' Art Festival Performance and on both occasions, won the first prize. In September and October 2012, members of the orchestra were invited to participate in the International Youth Music Festival, Limburg, Belgium, and the International Music Festival, Holland, and they won first prizes in both competitions.

In May 2014, the orchestra won the grand prize in the Third College Students’ Art Performance of Jiangsu Province.

About Lv Xiaoyi 

Lv Xiaoyi is a member of The Chinese Society of Conductors, associate professor of Nanjing University, adjunct professor of the University of Hong Kong, Art director and permanent conductor of the Symphony Orchestra of Nanjing University and Hong Kong Youth Philharmonic Orchestra and Hong Kong Philharmonic Choir.

Lv has excellent conducting techniques with a pure and simple style. In September 2004, he led the Symphony Orchestra to perform in many European countries, and the performance was praised by all. In July 2007, he won the Excellent Conductor Prize in the International Music Festival Competition in Sint-Oedenrode, Holland. In August 2008, he was selected into the master class for international young conductors in Czech and studied under the guidance of famous conductor Professor Able from Germany’s München Conservatory. In February 2009 and February 2012, Lv led the Symphony Orchestra of Nanjing University to win the first prize in the orchestral competition in both the Second and Third National College Student Art Festival Performance. In August 2010, he was introduced into Hong Kong as a talent and served as the permanent conductor of Hong Kong Youth Philharmonic Orchestra, becoming the first conductor from Mainland China to hold this post. From September to October 2012, he led Hong Kong Youth Philharmonic Orchestra to take part in the 2012 International Youth Music Festival, Limburg, Belgium, and the 2012 International Music Festival, Holland. He succeeded in winning the first prize for conductor in both festivals and the Orchestra also won the first prize in both festivals.

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