Chinese Students abroad and at home: Japan, USA and Europe, 1871-1949

1. Professor's Information
Ines Eben v. Racknitz,
Summer Term 2015 
University of Nanjing
Department of History
Room I: 317
Telephone Number:15240221483
2. Syllabus
     Session: March 2nd :  Introduction to the Class.
     Session: March 9th :  Historical Overview: Education in China, Examination system in Early Qing Dynasty.
Elman, Benjamin: A Cultural History of Civil Examinations in Late Imperial China,
Berkeley, 2000.
Man-Cheong, Iona-D.: The class of 1761: Examinations, States and Elites in eigteenth-century China, Stanford 2004.
Elman, Benjamin/ Woodside, Alexander: Education and Society in Late Imperial China, Berkeley 1994.
钟毓龙 科场回忆录,杭州1987。
      Session: March 16th: 19th Century: The Encounter with Euro-American Powers and their Education and Training
比勒:中国留学生史, 北京2010.
王奇中国留学生的历史轨迹:1872-1949, Wuhan 1992.
      Session: March 23rd:  The Chinese Educational Mission, 1872-1881.
Rhoads, Edward: Stepping Forth into the World: The Chinese Educational Mission to the United States 1872-1881, Hong Kong 2011.
Possible Talk Topics:
Yung Wing and an overview over the Chinese Educational mission
Biographies of members of the first Chinese Educational mission
       Session March 30th: Women abroad, the first Chinese female students
Ye, Weili: Searching modernity in China’s name: Chinese students in the United States, 1900-1927, 2001, p.114ff.
Qian, Nanxiu: Revitalizing the Xianyuan (Worthy Ladies) tradition: Women in the 1898 reforms, in: Modern China, vol. 29, Nr. 4 (Oct. 2003), pp. 399-454.
Possibe talk topics:
Mary Stone and Ida Kahn, the first women to study abroad
Chinese Students in Japan
Huang Fu-ching: Chinese Students in Japan in the Late Qing period, Tokyo 1982.
Possible talk topics:
Lu Xun, Zhou Zuoren
          Session: April 6th:    QingMing
      Session: April 13th:  Chinese Students in Europe
Harnisch, Thomas: Chinesische Studenten in Deutschland: Geschichte und Wirkung ihrer Studienaufenthalte in den Jahren 1860 bis 1945, Hamburg 1999.
Possible talk topics:
Students in Germany
Students in France, Deng Xiaoping
       Session April 20th:  Preparing students for the United States
Bieler, Stacey: Preparing students for the United States. Tsinghua school, 1911-1928,
in: Patriots and traitors: A history of American-educated Chinese students, Armonk 2004, p.53 ff.
Possible talk topics:
Coming from the countryside and preparing for a life abroad
      Session April 27th: Chinese students in America, 1910-1930
Wang, Zuoye: Saving China through Sciences: The Science society of China, scientific nationalism, and Civil society in Republican China, in: Osiris, 2nd series, Vol. 17, Science and Civil society (2002), p. 291-322.
Possible tal
k topics:
Hu Shi and his life in America
The Soong sisters and their life in America
      Session May 11th :  Studying in America
Ni, Ting: The cultural experiences of Chinese students, who studied in the United States during the 1930ies and 1940ies, London 2002, p. 77-116..
Possible talk topic
Mei Yiqi
Hu Shi, Gu Weijun
     Session: May 25th: American values and Chinese customs, students as ambassadors and representatives of their country
Bieler, Stacey: Experimenting with democracy, in: Patriots and traitors: A history of American-educated Chinese students, Armonk 2004, p- 157-250.
Possible talk topics:
How to present Chinese culture in America?
Critical voices in America
      Session June 8th: Film
 3. Required Readings
1. 季羡林等.旅德追忆:二十世纪几代中国留德学者回忆录.北京:商务印书馆,2000
6.[美]史黛西·比勒.中国留美学生史. 三联书店
16. Arkush, David R.: Land without Ghosts: Chinese Impressions of America from the mid-nineteenth century to the present, Berkeley 1989.
17. Bergere, Marie-Claire: The Golden Age of Chinese Bourgeoisie, 1917-1937, Cambridge 1986.
18. Bieler, Stacey: “Patriots” or “Traitors”? A History of American Educated Chinese Students, Armonk, New York 2004
19. Chu, Jennings Pinkwei: Chinese Students in America: Qualities associated with Their Success, Columbia 1922.
20. Harrell, Paula: Sowing the Seeds of Change. Chinese Students, Japanese teachers, 1895-1905. Stanford University Press 1992.
21. Lu Jiaxi (ed.): Zhongguo xiandai kexuejia, zhuanji (Biographies of contemporary Chinese scientists), 6 vol., Beijing 1991-1994.
22. Rankin, Mary: Elite activism and Political transformation in China: Zhejian Province 1865-1911, Stanford 1986.
23. Rowe, William: Hankow: Commerce and Society in a Chinese City, 1796-1889, Stanford 1984.
24. Strand, David: Rickshaw Beijing: City, People and politics in the 1920ies, Berkeley 1990.
25. Wang, Y.C. Chinese Intellectuals and the West, 1872-1949, Chapel Hill 1966.
26. Xie Shijun: Zhu Kezhen zhuan (Biography of Zhu Kezhen), Chongqing 1993.
27. Yuan, Tong-li: A Guide to Doctoral Dissertations by Chinese Students in America 1905-1960, Washington 1961.
28. Yuen Ren Chao: Yuan Ren Chao`s Autibiography: The First 30 years, Ithaca 1975.
29. Zhang, Wenxian/Wang Huiyao/ Alon, Ilan: Entrepreneurial and Business Elites of China : The Chinese Returnees who have Shaped Modern China, British Library 2011.
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