China Economic Profile

1.Course Description

China was the largest and one of most advanced economies in the world before the eighteenth century, yet declined precipitately thereafter and degenerated into one of the world's poorest economies by the late nineteenth century. Despite generations' efforts for national rejuvenation, China did not reverse its fate until it introduced market-oriented reforms in 1979. Since then it has been the most dynamic economy in the world and is likely to regain its position as the world's largest economy before 2030. This course provides insights to why China was so advanced in premodern times, what caused it to become so poor for almost two centuries, how it grew into a market economy, where its potential is for continuing dynamic growth and what further reforms are needed to complete the transition to a well-functioning, advanced market economy.


1. Opportunities and Challenges faced by Chinese Economy2. Chinese economy before 1949

3. Traditional economic system in China

4. Countryside economy

5. Urban reform and State-owned enterprises reform

6. Reform in finance 

7. Chinese economy and world economy

8. Economic development and environmental protection 

3. References

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