Aspects of Chinese Culture

Course Description

Reading Materials and Multi-media Resources
Course handouts.
Documentary videos from CCTV ( China Centre Television) and other resources.
Course Syllabus
There are 16 chapters which fit for a 16-week semester included in the instruction of this course, the contents are listed as:
Chapter 1.
Chinese Ancient Philosophy and Philosophers
Chapter 2.
Buddhism, Taoism and Folk Beliefs in China
Chapter 3.
Chinese Art, Painting, Calligraphy, Porcelain and Jade
Chapter 4.
Chinese Traditional Architecture and Garden
Chapter 5.
Chinese Literature, Novel, Drama and Poems
Chapter 6.
Traditional Music in China
Chapter 7.
Chinese Kungfu
Chapter 8.
Chinese Characters, Language and Dialects
Chapter 9.
Chinese Traditional Festivals
Chapter 10.
Chinese Cuisine, Tea and Wine
Chapter 11.
Urban Fashion and Rural Folk Custom
Chapter 12.
Mass Media and Popular Culture
Chapter 13.
Life in Diversity and Minorities Culture
Chapter 14.
Changes of Everyday Life and Social Structure in Modern China
Chapter 15.
Modern Chinese Education and Medical System
Chapter 16.
Development in Dilemma, Energy, Ecology and Environment
Evaluation and Score
Course final examination 60%
Two course papers 40%
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