Student Societies

Mission & Vision


AIESEC NJU pursues the mission of making positive impact on society by cultivating the youth with leadership skills and a global vision. It serves as a platform for students to participate in multi-national business internship and voluntary work so that they can develop the ability for leadership, an international outlook and a high sense of social responsibility.

Home of Animals

The full name of the society is “NJU Society for the Protection of Stray Animals.” It is committed to helping stray cats on the campus.

Society of Knowledge and Practice

This society believes that “knowing precedes doing” and is supported by Labor Law Aid Center, Nanjing University. It organizes students in activities of legal aids, legal publicity and investigation of labor rights and interests so that the students can stay in touch with society and with the reality of law enforcement.

Xianyu Sign Language Club

The club focuses on helping the public to understand the signing culture and providing services to those with hearing and speech impairment. Its activities include volunteer services, sign language teaching and art performance.

Youth Innovation Laboratory

The goal of the Youth Innovation Laboratory (Innolab) is innovation and development, bringing forth new ideas both in online products and offline activities.

Kaiping Management Association


This is an association that relies on scholars and professors, but students are its mainstay. It pursues the principle of bringing academic achievements into the activities of the association and devotes itself to creating a stage for academic exchange where the rich resources of the business school can be shared with teachers and students from all other departments and schools.


EnactusNJU adheres to its mission of “conducting business and serving public welfare.” It creates business opportunities for communities and does its best to foster responsible entrepreneurs for future society.

Returning-Favor Club

This club holds the belief of “appreciating the favor received and returning it to   society.” It encourages the participation in voluntary services by college students, especially those who have received financial aids.

Mutual Assistance Association

This association holds the motto of “helping others and helping oneself.” It strives to create a healthy society with practical actions of service to the school and society, thus promoting the construction of a harmonious society.

Environment Association

This is a long-standing but innovative association that cares for environmental change and engages in public welfare and education on environmental protection and green living.

Oral History Association

The association aims to collect oral history to enrich and supplement the history of Nanjing University. It interviews senior professors and records their life experiences.

Student Career Development Association


The Student Career Development Association (SCDA) is one of the three biggest NJU student organizations, together with the Student Union and the Student Associations Union. Serving as a bridge between students and companies, it unswervingly adheres to its principle “Your Career, We Care,” devotes itself to improving the students’ competitiveness in the job market and meanwhile provides plentiful employer connections.

Youai (Better Love) Public Welfare Association

The association is established by a group of students full of ideals of public services and is aimed to help vulnerable groups in society with love and sincerity.

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