Student Societies

Mission & Vision

Social Investigation Association (SIA)

The club focuses on social investigation and on doing it in a professional, academic and practical manner.


The club is the first on campus that focuses on the profession of consultation. It is a place where NJU students who hope to become consultants can share information, take part in professional training and exchange work experiences.

Kang Ping Academic Club

The club invites scholars to hold lectures, seminars and academic salons on humanities and social sciences, helping students to form their views on life and society.

Information Technology Club

The club aims to promote the education of information technology against the background of the rapid development of the Internet. It hopes to help students establish proper views on information and conform to ethics and morals in the area of information technology.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Club

Our club welcomes everyone who is interested in UAVs. We are aimed at providing students with all kinds of video clippings and digital records shot by drones. We organize our members to participate in regular trainings and take photos of the campus at night by UAVs, and we provide photo and video materials for the university press.

E-Entrepreneurship Society

The society aims to provide NJU students with a place for trans-departmental entrepreneurship. On the one hand, it offers electronic skills training, encourages internal incubation and entrepreneurship programs of its members, and applies the theory to practice. On the other hand, it builds a communication channel for innovative programs, integrating trans-departmental resources in talents and competitions so as to apply the creative ideas.

FDT Financial Engineering Association

Come to the association’s FDT financial innovation workshop, which aims to become an investment incubator for young, global financial talents.

With the mission of cultivating a new generation of young talents for world investment, the association helps students gain free access to practice in the global financial market in college days. It achieves this aim by tapping into traders’ investment behavior as found in the research conducted by Oxford - NIE financial big-data laboratory.

MOOC Association

This association gives full play to student initiative and creativity and promotes the development of the MOOCs at Nanjing University.

OPEN Association


The mission of the association is to provide beginning users with access to Linux, inspiring their interest in open sources. It is a place of sharing for Linux lovers.

Advertising Society

The society provides a place to gain broad theoretical knowledge and practical skills both for advertising majors and those who just love advertising. With advertising majors as its core, the association helps its members with access to the practice of actual advertising.

Mock United Nations Association


Based on the mock United Nations conference, the association provides its members with a platform for expressing ideas, looking for solutions and reaching an agreement on behalf of a country. During the process, its members focus on hot issues of the world and find out how they could shape the future of the world.

Astronomy Lovers’ Association


Astronomy for you might be an unfamiliar, perhaps mysterious discipline or something remote, profound and only studied by Hawking and Einstein. However, for amateur astronomers, apart from the excitement spurred by science, they also attach more importance to aesthetic and philosophical enjoyment and thinking generated by the starry sky. There is no threshold, no unattainable knowledge. We enjoy but the stars.

Microsoft Student Club

The club represents   an experiment on talent cultivation carried out by Microsoft Research Asia in cooperation with universities. It aims to disseminate new computer knowledge, inspire creative thinking, promote team spirit, and improve abilities of its members.

Student Psychological Association


The association disseminates the knowledge of psychology and psychological health among teachers and students through lectures, salons, games and other activities to satisfy their curiosity about psychology and to solve their own psychological confusions.

Changfeng Society

Following the principle of focusing on legal justice and appreciating the spirit of university, the Changfeng Society is a legal-study-based academic and public welfare organization.

Life Association


The association is designed mainly for students with special interest in life sciences (including zoology, botany, microbiology, biochemistry, molecular biology and so on). It often organizes outdoor explorations, campings and lectures.

Tencent Innovation Club


The club combines technological innovation with entertainment, giving priority to cultivating its members’ interest in technology and ability for innovative thinking. It also hosts lectures given by people from Tencent so that its members can gain access to cutting-edge technology and thoughts on IT and software development.

Tian-Di-Ren Society


This comprehensive academic society disseminates the knowledge of geoscience, organizes geoscience field exploration, knowledge contests and other activities. These activities not only enrich students' after-school life but also improve their understanding of geoscience, guiding them to see the beauty of nature from the perspective of rational sciences.

Cultural Relic Lovers Association

This association serves as a place of sharing and exchange for NJU students who are interested in cultural relics and history. It leads students into the fascinating world of cultural relics, archaeology and history.

Reading and Publishing Association

With a mission of reading and publishing good books, the association aims to provide students who love reading and publishing with a place for exchanging their ideas and realizing their dreams. It combines reading with compiling, not only sharing books and imparting knowledge, but also promoting academic research on editing and publication.

Fulcrum Society


Fulcrum Society is devoted to disseminating the spirit of science. It carries out a variety of activities on the basis of its own magazine Fulcrum. The magazine adheres to publishing original essays that combine academic knowledge with popular interest and science popularization.

Wisteria Society


The Wisteria Society was founded on the basis of Xueheng, a journal started in 1922 by scholars from Nanjing University’s predecessor. The society inherits its old tradition and disseminates its spirit. With the rich resources of the History Department, the society publishes its magazine Wisteria, which aims at academic cultural exchange and service to teachers and students. It also provides history lovers with a chance to conduct academic research, share their ideas, seek truth, and improve themselves.

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