Student Societies

Mission & Vision

Folk Art Association


Folk Art Association aims at providing a place of sharing and communication for students enthusiastic about folk art. It is also a place devoted to preserving and promoting traditional Chinese art.

Changgexing Radio Play Club


Changgexing Radio Play Club is devoted to moving you with music on your ears. We write, direct and perform original radio plays and operas.

Yongyule Cross-Talk Club


As a home of  sharing for cross-talk lovers, the club aims at enriching the campus culture. We actively cooperate with cross-talk celebrities and groups to make contributions to the popularization and innovation of cross-talk and meanwhile to cultivate more talents for theatrical performance at the university.

Passion Hip-hop Club


The principle  f the Passion Hip-hop Club: to share the hip-hop culture and enrich campus   life.

Phantom-of-the-Opera Club


This club is devoted to promoting the opera culture and provide exquisite viewing experience. It has performed eleven operas adapted from classics and has enjoyed wide popularity. Its representative work Chicago was performed at Qingguo Opera House nine times.

Linquan Piano Club


This is a club founded by piano fans. Each semester, the club holds a pop music concert and a classic music concert. We are trying our best to bring the elegant art of piano music to our fellow students.

Bravo Guitar Club


This club has hosted many events including five concerts in the Music Bar in 2016, a Christmas music salon, and the “Bloom like a Summer Flower” concert.

Broadcasting and Hosting Association


The Broadcasting and Hosting Association has provided anchormen and anchorwomen for a variety of events on campus. It serves as a bridge between events and anchors as well as a home base for those who love to work as anchors.

The II Drama Club


This is the only drama club among the university’s undergraduates. We serve as a stage for drama fans to participate in related activities in which they can enjoy the fun of performance. Every semester, we hold public performances, reading salons and performing training courses.

The Mirage Magic Association


The association aims at developing a culture for magic and building up a place of exchange for magic fans. It has become home to magic lovers at the university.

Rock Republic


The Rock Republic is a club founded by fans of rock music. It aims at providing a place where enthusiastic students can appreciate rock music, broaden their horizon and communicate with each other. The club is committed to imparting rock music knowledge and improving students’ taste at music.

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