Student Societies

Mission & Vision

Staring-Eyes Literature Club

Staring-Eyes Literature Club is the only pure literature club on campus. It holds regular reading parties, movie parties, field visits, and article solicitations for its magazine. It also undertakes some national competitions and stays in communication with literature clubs of other universities.

0206 Movie Salon

0206 Movie Salon is a place for movie enjoyment and discussion. It helps us better understand the beauty of movies.

Association for International Communication (AIC)

NJU Association for International Communication (or AIC) is aimed to provide information about oversees exchange for NJU students. It helps to deal with affairs of exchange students, hold a series of cultural communication activities and provide a place of sharing and exchange for students from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

Gan Cultural Association 

This association is the first and the only regional cultural organization on campus. It aims to serve students from Jiangxi Province and help them to lead a warm and convenient life during their study at the university. At the same time, through large-scale culture display activities, it disseminates to the whole campus the special revolutionary culture of Jiangxi Province.

Association of Fans of A Dream of Red Mansions

The association aims to promote A Dream of Red Mansions and Chinese classic culture and enrich students’ after-class activities. It provides opportunities for those at the university who love A Dream of Red Mansions to express themselves, exchange their opinions and demonstrate their talents. It also tries to attract more students to read A Dream of Red Mansions.

Jiqing Society

As the only   association for local opera on the campus, this society aims to develop its   members’ interest in local opera and their abilities to sing and appreciate   various local operas.

Science Fiction Loves Association

This is the place for science fiction lovers on campus to share their interest and take part in relevant activities. It hosts science fiction discussion meetings and movie shows, either independently or in cooperation with other science fiction groups in Nanjing.

NJU Debate Association

This association is aimed to promote the debate culture on campus and elevate members’ levels of oral presentation. It tries to implant the debate spirit and the idea of free thinking in the heart of contemporary university students. It holds the freshmen’s debate tournament and the debate tournament between schools and departments, each in one semester every school year. The two events last seven months and involve thousands of participants in total.

Guqin Society

Proceeding from guqin as a starting point, this society is aimed to unite fans of guqin, folk music and Chinese traditional culture in promoting our national traditional culture. It also provides a place for NJU students to appreciate the special charm of traditional culture and to elevate their cultural attainment.

NJU Leadership Club (NLC)

This club (NLC for short) tries to become a club of high-level combination of study and practice. It aims to foster in students leadership skills, business thinking ability, a strong sense of social responsibility and a broad international vision.

Nanjing-Style Hanfu Society

This is the only society on campus that promotes Chinese culture through the clothing of Hanfu. As the leader of this kind of associations in universities in Nanjing, the society sticks to the idea of passing on Chinese culture and the Chinese spirit.

Association for Library and Student Development

This association provides a link between the library and students. It helps students make better use of library resources and helps the library improve its services. Through various library-based activities, it is able to enrich students’ cultural life on campus.

Spoken English Association

Through such activities as morning reading and English corners, the association tries to help students build their confidence and fluency in spoken English and improve their speaking skills.

Chongchang Poetry Society

The   society is a place for the creation and sharing of new-style poetry rooted in Nanjing University. It holds such regular activities as poetry reading parties, lectures and reading and recitation salons. Since its establishment in 2001, it has gathered many poetry fans, some of whom later on became excellent contemporary young poets.

Honesty Society (Confucianism Society)

This society focuses on the three main principles of Confucianism, that is, developing virtues, broadening horizons and putting feelings to practice, and it focuses on the core of Confucianism, that is, self-discipline, integrity and fortitude.

German Language Club

This club helps students to study the language of the country at the other end of the Asian-European Continent. It has taught students vocabulary and grammar, organized student dancing parties, football discussion meetings, and movie shows. It has also combined beer from Munich and sausage from Nuremburg. It has led its members to explore the Germanic culture through its language.

Russian Language Club

This is a club founded to promote the Russian culture through activities such as showing Russian movies and appreciating Russian songs. It opens a window for those who want to explore the Russian culture.

Korean Language Club

This club sticks to the idea of making contributions to the friendship and communication between Chinese and Korean students and helping students broaden their vision and gain a better understanding of the Korean culture. It provides a place of sharing and exchange where students of the two countries can help each other and enhance their friendship.

French Language Club

If you want to learn what will be produced when Chinese elegance meets French romantics, you can take part in the French Language Club to learn French and learn about France so that you will know China better.

Japanese Language Club

Aimed at promoting Japanese language and culture and to contribute to the friendship between Japanese and Chinese students, the Japanese Language Club organizes various kinds of activities to expose students to the Japanese language and culture.

Spanish Language Club

Combining academic study with entertainment, the Spanish Language Club regularly organizes such activities as teaching practical Spanish, playing classic movies involving Spanish culture, hosting parties for fans of Spanish songs, experiencing flamenco dance and making, and making and tasting Spanish food.

English Language Club

As one of the largest clubs on campus, the English Language Club creates a communication environment by organizing three brand activities such as the English corner, morning reading and original English movies enjoyment.

Light Media Association

The association is aimed to contribute to the development of the high-level media at the university. It strives to create works appreciated by contemporary college students. Since its establishment, it has produced a series of high-quality micro films and videos that record students’ life on campus.

Overseas Development Exchange Association

This is an organization that maintains a network of overseas alumna so as to help students gain knowledge of overseas exchange, US and European universities and world-class enterprises and help them plan for their own development overseas.

Under-the-Trees Poetry Society

This is the first society on campus that focues on writing and sharing classic poetry.

Marxism Reading and Study Society

This is a society centered on reading and studying Marxism to enrich the knowledge of Marxism and to disseminate the latest fruits of the localization of Marxism in China. It is a place where students improve their understanding, elevate their thoughts and make progress while studying at Nanjing University.

Traditional Chinese Studies Club

The Traditional Chinese Studies Club of Nanjing University inherits the thoughts of the Xueheng School (a cultural movement in the 1920s based on the journal Xueheng) and strives at the rejuvenation of ancient classic thoughts and literature and the uplifting of the cultural attainment of all in society.

CAC Club

CAC is short for “comic animation cosplay.” Members of the CAC Club are all fond of quadratic elements and the ACG culture (culture of animation, comic, game). The club’s activities include all areas of the ACG culture but are best known for its annual DM (Dead Master) home-hip-hop party and campus-wide CAC festival.

NJU Independent Cinema Production Association (ICPA)

This association was originally established to make movies about NJU students by students themselves. It is now dedicated to promoting the spirit of independence in movie making and helping students improve their abilities for making movies.

Photography Club

This is a club that focuses on sharing and exchange concerning photography. We welcome skillful photographers as well as novices. You are always welcome here as long as you love photography and its beauty.  


IRS is an academic club for students to read and study classic literary works. It provides seminars for junior and senior students, takes part in the reformation of undergraduate courses. It also helps to hold academic lectures and seminars, to broaden the students’ vision and to help them enjoy reading.

Zhitian Club for Traditional Chinese Calligraphy and Paintings

This is the only club on campus devoted to traditional Chinese calligraphy and paintings. It aims at the promotion of the traditional Chinese art and the creation of opportunities for lovers of Chinese calligraphy and paintings to meet and learn from each other.

Salon of life

This salon aims at helping students to learn to enjoy and find the beauty of life. It encourages them to look at life from a new and different angle by reading, keeping a diary and sharing experiences of life with each other.

Students’ International Exchange and Communication Association (SIECA)

This association is responsible for the reception work for international scholars and students. It promotes the interaction between international students and NJU students and helps to organize lectures given by international scholars. It is also dedicated to helping international students adapt themselves to life on campus, learn about the university culture and communicate with local scholars and students.

Cantonese Club

The club aims at providing an opportunity for students who are interested to learn and communicate in the Cantonese dialect.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Club

The club aims to spread knowledge of TCM through reading classic works on Chinese medicine, holding lectures on Chinese medicines and providing free TCM consultation and help. The club is dedicated to the promotion of TCM and the elimination of bias against it and to helping students live a healthy life by following TCM’s instructions.  

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