Student Societies

Mission & Vision

Foot Orienteering Association

The association organizes orienteering activities off campus, often in downtow Nanjing. It also takes part in large-scale inter-university tournaments in foot orienteering.

Board Games Society

The society is organized by board game lovers at the university with the aim of providing good opportunities for friendship both online and offline.

Boxing Association

The association is aimed at promoting boxing and focuses on providing high quality boxing training along with other, related activities.

NJU Billiards Association

The association follows the guiding principle of “developing billiards and making its culture prosperous.” It promotes billiards and enhances the skills.

NJU Flappy Roller Skating Society

Members of  this society are all young people who pursuing freedom, speed and passion. As a member of the University Roller Skating Alliance of Nanjing, the society stays in close touch with roller skating societies of other universities associations and exchanges with them each year on skills and friendship.

TNT fitness Association

TNT stands for “training and transforming.” This means that you will have surprising changes if you exercise with the explosive courage and perseverance. Members are all fond of fitness and want to perfect their bodies.

Electronic Sports Club

This club is aimed at creating a good e-sports environment, guiding people in how to use the computer healthily for entertainment, avoiding the internet addiction and advocating the correct concept of using the computer.

Kyokushin Karate Association

Kyokushin karate is a material art association founded in 1965 by Oyama Masutatsu. The Dojo in our university is a Kyokushin Xuanwu Dojo and all the coaches come from the Xuanwu headquarters in Nanjing. The head coach, A Ben, was once champion of the South African Karate World Cup and heavyweight champion of the European Cup.

Latin Dance Club

We gather dance lovers, promote Latin dance and disseminate dance culture. Our club has been established for ten years and has won the championship many times in Latin dance contests among universities in Nanjing. While we work   hard to raise the dancing skills of our members, we also create a cozy atmosphere for them to exchange ideas and build friendship.

Basketball Association

This association works hard in organizing the basketball leagues at Nanjing University. It strives to create an atmosphere of basketball playing on campus and promote the development of the sport.

NJU Dragon Boat Team

This is the university team. It is aimed at training students into athletes who possessing excellent physical fitness, good team spirit, and perseverance and who reach or almost reach the standards of high-performing athletes. It selects the best team members to represent Nanjing University in national and international dragon boat races.

Nanjing University Volleyball Association

This association works hard in promoting and popularizing volleyball. It is responsible for organizing the volleyball leagues at Nanjing University

Jogging Association

“When you are jogging, you have the light.” This is the association for jogging lovers. It makes jogging no longer a one person’s lonely journey

Ping-Pong Association

This is where students practice ping-pong skills and make friends.

“Deepwater Blue” Swimmers Association

This association is aimed at popularizing swimming and making people strong and enterprising. It promotes swimming, teaches swimmer’s self-help techniques, and organizes swimming exercises.

Taekwondo Association

This is organized by us Taekwondo lovers on campus on our own. Our spirit is: “Respecting teachers and honoring truth; holding a sense of propriety, righteousness, honesty, and shame; exercising tolerance and self-denial; being perseverant.” We provide a place of exchange and mutual help for students who are interested in Taekwondo.

Tennis Association

This is the place for tennis lovers to exchange ideas and learn from each other. It has no entry requirement; that is, join it if you like it, even if you are a beginner.

Material Arts Association

This association is aimed at helping students inherit the traditional culture, carry forward our national tradition, develop their interest in material arts, improve their physique and techniques of self-defense, and enrich their life in the university.

Yang Taichi Association

The activities at this association are just the learning, practicing, and promoting of Yang Taichi. It is aimed at helping students with exercising, cultivating both the body and mind, and improving their behavioral habits

Badminton Association

The association organizes matches, training sessions, the purchasing of the equipment, and just about any other thing related to badminton on campus.

Bicycle Association

Here is what you gain by joining this association: a strong body + beautiful scenery +   lifelong friendship

Football Association

The association takes change of organizing, managing and guiding the development of football in the university. It is committed to promoting football, raising its level and enhancing its culture on campus.

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