Dr. Zhang Yibin, Distinguished Professor of Nanjing University, is the chancellor of the University Council. He entered the workforce in December 1972 and joined the Communist Party of China (CPC) in November 1974. Since April 1996, he had served as dean of the Philosophy Department, assistant to the president, vice president, and vice chancellor of the University Council. In May 2010, he was appointed the executive vice chancellor of the University Council. Since May 2014, he has taken the present position.  

He is currently a leading member of Philosophy Group, Central Marxist Theory Research and Construction Project, a member of Subject Review Group, Office of the State Council Academic Degrees Committee, Discipline Specific Review Group of National Social Science Fund, Social Science Committee, Ministry of Education, the vice chairman of Philosophy Teaching Steering Committee, Ministry of Education, Chinese Institute of History of Marxist Philosophy, Chinese Institute of Book Review, and the chairman of Jiangsu Federation of Social Science Associations.

As a philosopher focusing on the history of Marxist philosophy, contemporary foreign Marxist philosophy, philosophic textology and situating theory, he is the author of 11 monographs and 5 collections of personal works, as well as the chief editor of over 10 books. Furthermore, he has published more than 40 articles in top journals like Social Sciences in China, Philosophical Research, Studies on Marxism, and Historical Research, accomplished over 20 different projects including major bidding projects of the National Social Science Fund, major entrusted projects by the Ministry of Education, and won about 20 academic prizes. Among them, 11 editions of seven publications have been translated into English, German, Japanese and Turkish.

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