School of Government

Introduction: History, Departments, Programs and Faculty

The School of Government at Nanjing University enjoys a history of over 90 years. It originated from the politics department of National Southeast University (1921) and the politics department of University of Nanking (1924).


Nanjing University rebuilt the Department of Politics in 1986, based on which the School of Public Management was founded in 2002, later renamed as the School of Government (2009).


The school currently has four departments including Political Science, Public Administration, Labor & Social Security, and Diplomacy & International Affairs (under construction).


The School of Government offers diverse programs, majors, courses and seminars for both undergraduate and graduate students.


For undergraduates, it has four majors, Political Science, International Relations, Public Administration and Labor & Social Security, among which the Public Administration major is labeled as “national featured major.”


It offers Ph.D. programs in Political Science and Public Management. Both programs recruit postdoctoral researchers, and the Political Science program is authorized as the Key Program of Jiangsu Province.


Three Key Research Centers of Jiangsu Province are also affiliated with the school, in Societal Risks & Public Management Crises, Public Affairs & Local Governance, and Grass-root Organizations, respectively. In addition, the school offers one professional master major, MPA (Master of Public Administration). 


In total, the school has 46 faculty members, including 20 full professors, 19 associate professors and 7 assistant professors. Forty of the faculty members have doctoral degrees, of whom eight professors have had their Ph.D.s from the USA, France, UK, Germany, Japan, and Russia. The school has one Chang Jiang Distinguished Professor titled by the State Ministry of Education, four professors as CCP Marxism Research Project’s chief experts, three professors as the National Social Science Fund (NSSF) specialists, three professors sitting in the National Education Committee, and four winners of the “New Century Excellent Talents Project” titled by the State Ministry of Education.


Achievements & Awards

The last three decades have witnessed notable progress of the School of Government in teaching, research, and social services, which now is one of the nation’s leading centers for political science and public management. The State Ministry of Education ranked the school’s political science program as No. 8 of the nation (2002) and later No. 5 (2012).


The faculty wins their reputation by actively participating in domestic and international academic communities. Their scholarship spans across subfields of political science and public administration, especially strong in Chinese politics, Western Political Philosophy, Ethics of Public Administration, Public Policy, Social Security, Societal Risks and Public Crisis management. Recently, the faculty have won grants for more than 60 national and provincial projects and programs, five NSSF and CME key programs included. Two books are selected to the “NSSF Archive.” They have won multiple awards including “The Meisel-Laponce Award” from the International Political Science Association, the first prize of “CME Excellent Research Award for Humanity and Social Science,”the first prize of “Jiangsu Excellent Research Award for Philology and Social Science” and other domestic major academic awards.



Address: Shengda Building, 163 Xianlin Avenue, Nanjing, China, 210023

Phone: 86-25-89680765

FAX: 86-25-89680765

For more information vist the school's website.


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