School of Information Management

In today’s world, information and technology are profoundly integrated into our lives. The School of Information Management at Nanjing University is one of the earliest education institutions in China that have set Department of Library Science, dating back to 1927.

The School consists of 64 faculty and staff members. As an academic unit of a century-old renowned university, we seek to achieve the highest level of teaching. We vigorously promote the construction of specialty and courses while combining general education with personalized cultivation. We have currently built up a mature educational mode of cultivating compound talents within innovative consciousness and high practical ability. We provide four majors as follows from undergraduate to master and doctoral programs:

  • Information Management & Information System

  • Library Science

  • Archive Science

  • Editing & publishing  Science

In addition, we offer 2 professional master’s programs from 2010, Library & Information Science, Publishing Science, which focus on training application-oriented talents.

Our students participate in a vibrant academic culture and study some of the most exciting and interesting topics in these fields. Currently we have over 400 undergraduates, 400 graduates.

Meanwhile, we attach great importance to scientific research as well as social service. There are 10 research clusters based on faculties’ research fields.

  • Knowledge organization

  • Internet user behavior

  • Information service in Web 2.0

  • Information security

  • Digital library management

  • Digital library development

  • Science and social science evaluation

  • Library user and reading behavior

  • Archival resource management

  • Digital publishing

Our faculty’s innovative researches are earning reputation and financial support from the National Science Foundation, National Social Science Foundation, and Ministry of Education in China, among others. During the last five years, we’ve also completed over 100 practical projects collaborated with enterprises and organizations, contributing greatly to economic and social development.   

As one of the members of the iSchools organization, the School of Information Management at Nanjing University is one of the earliest education institutions in China, and is ranked among the top 2 of such schools or departments of Library and Information Science in 2012.


Building of School of Information Management, No.163, Xianlin Avenue, Qixia District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China

Postal Code: 210023


Phone: 86-25-89682441

For more information visit the school's website

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