School of Life Sciences (SLiS)

The School of Life Sciences (SLiS) was established in 1990. However, it was one of the oldest life science research and teaching institutions in China because it was evolved from the agriculture science (founded in 1914) in Jinling University and the biology department (founded in 1920) of Nanjing Advanced Normal College. 

Over the past 100 years, SLiS has earned national and international recognition and reputation. It carries the spirit of seeking truth from facts, persues constant striving for educational and academic excellence, and has cultivated a great number of talents in biological sciences, including 38 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, and 13 Outstanding Young Talents from the National Science Foundation for China.


Biology at Nanjing University is one of the seven key national biology programs in China, and Pharmacy and Ecology are the national first-level disciplines. These three disciplines have entered top 1% in ESI international rankings.


SLiS awards doctoral degrees in biology, ecology and pharmacology, and master’s degrees in 9 sub-categary majors, and has established post-doctoral mobile stations in biology, pharmacy and ecology. 

SLiS has the State Key Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and National Genetic Engineering Mouse Resources and Engineering Centers for various research institutes. It also has a National Base for Cultivation of Scientific Talents and a National Base of Life Science and Technology Education.


SLiS has an excellent faculty of 113 including 40 professors, 42 associate professors, 11 Cheung Kong Scholars, 11 Outstanding Young Talents of the National Science Foundation for China, 5 One-Thousand-Talent scheme scholars, 19 New Century-Talent scheme scholars, and 1 distinguished professor of Jiangsu Province.


In recent years, SLiS has set up 2 National Bilingual Teaching Demonstration Programs, 2 National Science Base Courses, and 2 Jiangsu Province Excellent Courses. 

It has won a Jiangsu provincial teaching achievement award and several awards for the compilation of teaching materials. In scientific research, its faculty has published many important original papers in world-renowned journals such as Nature, Science, Cell, and PNAS. Since 2000, SliS has been authorized to have 226 patents, including 4 international ones, and won 8 National Science and Technology Awards, 21 outstanding achievement awards for scientific research in colleges and universities and 6 Jiangsu Science and Technology Awards.


Over the last five years, SLiS’ undergraduate students have participated in research and published 266 papers including 188 SCI papers. Of these papers, 21, including 13 SCI papers, had the undergraduate students as the first author or co-author. They have also joined in applying 58 patents and compiling 3 chapters of monographs.


In the recent three years, SLiS students actively took part in IGEM contest and various national innovation projects and won many impressive results. 

SLiS strongly encourages students to participate in domestic and international academic conferences and exchange activities. During their undergraduate years, nearly 30% of the students have the opportunity to go overseas as exchange students through national studying abroad programs, studying at first-class universities of the world such as Harvard University, University of California at Davis, Chicago University, and Oxford University.


SLiS also invites many national and international experts to deliver lectures and exchange ideas.


We warmly welcome scholars and students from all over the world to join us for academic development at SLiS.


SLiS Building, Xianlin Campus, No. 163 of Xianlin Avenue, Qixia District, Nanjing, China 210023

Tel: 86-25-89681109

For more information visit the school's website

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