Kuang Yaming Honors School

Kuang Yaming Honors School started from the Gifted Youth Program at Nanjing University in 1985. In its 30 years’ history, it evolved from the Department for Gifted Youth (1985-1990) to the Department for Intensive Instruction (1989-1997), to the School of Intensive Instruction in Sciences and Arts (1998-2005), and finally, to the present Kuang Yaming Honors School (2006- ). 

A unique school in the university as a forerunner in the higher education reform in China, Kuang Yaming Honors School currently runs a pilot program for talent development by both the university and the Ministry of Education of China. It is also one of the National Training Bases for Talented Students in Fundamental Sciences certified by the Ministry of Education of China, and it runs the unique Project of the Interdisciplinary Sciences Education (also known as the Experimental Project for Overall Science Education).


In spite of its short history, the school has turned out nearly 2,000 graduates, of whom many are prominent in fields of research in such fundamental sciences as physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, and related interdisciplinary areas. There are also many graduates who are standing out in administrative managements, financial services, and high-tech enterprises. 

Furthermore, the educational ideas and innovative educational systems that emerged through the school’s educational practice have important influence in China and even abroad. Due to its fruitful results, the school has won many awards and honors including 5 National Higher Education Achievement Awards, 3 Jiangsu Province Special Awards for Higher Education Achievement and over 10 awards for individuals. These awards are notable among universities in China.


Recently, aimed at fostering undergraduate students with international competitiveness and innovative capacity, the school’s faculty is globally recruiting scholars with teaching excellence and strong research background in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and life-science. 


Kuang Yaming Honors School is now targeting at a top-level institution with an outstanding teaching system in combining research facilities for the training of talented students.

Personnel Training

Currently, as it pioneers in delivering general education in Nanjing University, Kuang Yaming Honors School has provided enriched instructions in Science, including Math, Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Biochemistry, Biophysics and Biochemistry. In the teaching of basic subjects, the school carries out the National Plan of Training of Outstanding Students.

In the school, first year students are required to take a common set of general courses of sciences. In second year, they study core courses according to modules. The third year is for specialized courses, and the fourth is for elective courses, research projects and graduation theses.


The school encourages students to select courses in different areas to gain experience in inter-disciplinary subjects. Based on the principles of “multiple selections, gradual distribution, and balanced approach,” the school assigns students to groups of related subjects from the third year on.


The graduate school recommendation proceeds according to the university’s regulations. The school has a much higher graduate school admissions rate than other schools and departments of the university.

Disciplines Directions


To lay a foundation of related disciplines based on key subjects and expand from basic disciplines to advanced subjects throughout the undergraduate and graduate curriculums.


To be innovative in general education and educational research, enhance basic training in scientific, promote international cooperation, and improve political, ideological and moral education.


To cultivate top-notch talents in science and the humanities, with a strong research foundation and outstanding innovative abilities.


Students in lower grades have no specific major in order to receive a rigorous general education across the major disciplines.

The courses enjoy wide coverage including the latest development. The curriculum provides students with choices of their majors and helps them acquire their own knowledge and ability gradually. They also enjoy the freedom to choose their research topics and supervisors.

Students of all disciplines live and learn together, stimulating better cross-disciplinary communication.

Students have a higher possibility to win scholarships and acceptance in graduate studies.  

Our idea of comprehensive fundamental science education and 20 years of practice have received wide peer recognition at home and abroad. The research programs The Construction of the Fundamental Talents Cultivation Base and The Formation, Practice and Development of Research-oriented Teaching Model Based on the Fundamental Physics Courses have won the first prize of National Teaching Achievements Award both on 1993 and 2009 respectively. The Establishment and Practice of Comprehensive Fundamental Science Education Model has won the second prize of the National Teaching Achievements Award of 2005.

Over recent years, through constant educational innovation, Kuang Yaming Honors School has developed its own characteristics on the cultivation of innovative interdisciplinary talents in fundamental science. The achievement has been demonstrated by the work of our graduates. Three papers from the work of four our graduates, Xu Xiaoshan, Yin Shuangye , Cheng Xuemei  and Wang Congjun were published in Volume 300 of Science on May 23, 2003. In 2005, our graduates Jiang Hui , Fei Sun and Guan Jisong  published their work on Cell, the first by Chinese scholars since 1980. In 2008, two of our graduates won the National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award.


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