School of Architecture and Urban Planning


The School of Architecture and Urban Planning gears itself towards the objective of bringing up high-level professionals specializing in architectural design, urban design, landscape planning and design, and urban and regional planning. 

The School is comprised of the Department of Architecture and the Department of Urban Planning and Design. 

The Department of Architecture has a solid base in architectural design research and architectural history and theory, and is carrying out cutting-edge studies in the emerging fields of urbanism, digital architecture and sustainable architecture.

The Department of Urban Planning and Design originated from human geography and economic geography and, based upon the strong urban sciences in Nanjing University, it fosters cross-disciplinary research and teaching towards urban and regional planning.

The School has a doctoral program in architectural design and theory, three master’s programs in architectural history and theory, architectural design and theory, and urban planning and design, and a master of engineering program in architecture and civil engineering. The school’s student design projects have received more than 100 international and national awards. 

Currently the school has 58 full-time faculty members, of whom 18 are professors and 15 are associate professors. Most of them have both work and study experience in leading higher education institutions at home and abroad, and they excel in invention and project engineering. Over the last five years, they have received more than 200 national and provincial architectural awards. 

The school is actively engaged in international exchange. To date, it has established an extensive international academic exchange network and a long-term cooperative and exchange mechanism. These exchange programs involve academic exchange and cooperation, joint research projects, and exchanges of visits with various famous higher education institutions in Europe, Americas, and Oceania.

In 2007, the Sino-French Centre for Urban, Regional and Planning Studies (SFURP) was jointly founded by Nanjing University and the University Paris XII Val de Marne, aimed at a multi-disciplinary and multi-partner scientific center for high-level scientific research in the area of urban planning and urban studies. 


In 2012, the University of Cambridge – Nanjing University Research Centre on Architecture and Urbanism (CNRCAU) was jointly founded by the two universities as a platform and laboratory to conduct innovative and multidisciplinary research on contemporary architecture and urbanism.

In 2015, the Nanjing University - Syracuse University International Center for Green Building and Urban Environment was jointly founded by the two universities focusing on research in sustainable building technology.

Today, the School of Architecture and Urban Planning is among the most internationally renowned architectural schools in China. It is committed to cutting-edge research and original theoretical exploration, in order to answer the quests of real-life issues. Upon its research outputs, the school targets at nurturing high-level professionals in architecture and urban planning for the future.


School of Architecture and Urban Planning

12th Floor, Meng Min Wei Building, Gulou Campus, Nanjing 210093, China

Tel: +86-25-83593020

Fax: +86-25-83595673


For more information visit the school's website.  

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