School of Management and Engineering

The School of Management and Engineering (SME) at Nanjing University, established in 2001, is a highly interdisciplinary school of engineering, economics and mathematics. It comprises two departments: Management Science and Engineering, and Control and System Engineering. 

Nobel Prize Winner Robert Shiller Visits

SME invents, analyzes and teaches tools and approaches for design, analysis, risk management, and decision-making in complex real-world systems like supply chains, energy systems, healthcare systems, financial systems, and engineering system.


SME confers BS and MS degrees in Industrial Engineering, Financial Engineering, and Control Engineering; and PhD degree in Management Science and Engineering. In addition to disciplinary programs and minor programs, it also offers interdisciplinary programs by bringing together the expertise from its two departments, from other schools of the university, and from other universities such as Oxford University, Purdue University and Waterloo University. 

Nobel Prize Winner Myron Scholes Attends Seminar

SME enjoys research excellence recognized at home and abroad. Over the past decades, its faculty made significant discoveries in cutting-edge research and received major honors domestically and globally. Their achievements have marked important contributions to the social and economic development of China and particularly that of Jiangsu province.


SME has a host of state-of-the-art facilities to support its teaching and research. Government and industry funded projects are on-going. Collaborations with renowned universities and professional institutions have been established. It has also built partnerships with major manufacturing and service industry sectors, in particular with the financial, logistics and energy industries. 

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