​NJU Joins Sino-Pakistani Corridor Universities

Nanjing University attended the first working conference of the “China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Consortium of Universities,” held in Shanghai on November 4, 2017.    

Zou Yajun, vice president of Nanjing University, spoke at the meeting of this newly established body aimed at promoting inter-university exchange and cooperation in the areas concerned.   

Representatives of the two sides exchanged views on future cooperation between universities in China and Pakistan against the background of “the Belt and Road” initiative.    

Present at the conference were Du Yubo, president of China Association of Higher Education, General Muhammad Asghar, CPEC consultant, and 50 leaders and liaison personnel from the University Unions of China and Pakistan.   

The first working conference of  the “CPEC Consortium of Universities”      

The exchange mechanisms of “CPEC Consortium of Universities” have great significance in expanding the exchange areas and achieving more cooperative results between the universities in China and Pakistan, said Du in his speech.    

Muhammad Asghar said that the CPEC Consortium is of vital importance. Through this consortium, through communication and exchange, Pakistan hopes to have in-depth cooperation with Chinese universities and inspire academic creativity and innovation so as to further speed up the implementation of the CPEC and make contributions to “the Belt and Road” cooperation.   

The consortium member schools each reported their recent progress in the cooperation projects.    

Zou Yajun focused on the progress in research cooperation, talent training, platform construction and bilateral exchanges between Nanjing University and its Pakistani counterparts. He also expressed his hope for the future of the bilateral cooperation.   

The conference had in-depth discussions on the establishment and progress of the exchange mechanisms.    

Consensus was reached on such key issues as expanding cooperation, determining methods of exchange, striving for further support and speeding up research on exchange mechanisms.   

The conference approved the constitution of the CPEC Consortium of Universities.    

It also studied the key areas of China-Pakistan universities’ future exchange and cooperation and made a project to-do list.  

It also held a ceremony for inaugurating the Secretariat of CPEC Consortium of Universities.    

The conference marked a new chapter of the cooperation between China-Pakistan universities in China and Pakistan.   

Zou Yajun speaks at the conference      

Also attending the conference were representatives of the university’s School of Business and Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges. 

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