Reception Center of Nanjing University

The reception center consists of Nanyuan Academic Conference Center, Foreign Teachers Apartment Building, Youyuan Hotel, Xianlin International Student Apartment Building (Xianlin Hotel), department of restaurants, administrative office, purchasing department, engineering department and bathing house.


Nanyuan Academic Conference Center, Foreign Teachers Apartment Building and the guesthouses provide various choices of comfortable rooms, all of which are equipped with TV, telephone, air-conditioner and Internet, with 24-hour hot water supply in the bathroom.

Nanyuan Academic Conference Center

The elegant architecture of Nanyuan Academic Conference Center corresponds with the atmosphere of Nanjing University brought by its history; and guests praise its clean and comfortable rooms. The two Chinese characters “Nanyuan” were written by Mr. Wei Tianchi, president of Jiangsu calligraphy association and counselor of China calligraphy association. The building was built in 1954, as part of Nanjing University’s buildings of traditional Chinese architecture, initially used as International students’ dormitories, and changed into a hotel in the 1990s and a conference center in 2008. The center now has 110 rooms including suites, double rooms, standard rooms and single rooms, with their prices ranging from 338 to 698 yuan/day. The center has conference rooms, meeting rooms and lecture rooms and provides projectors, microphones and DVDs. It can hold a meeting of 120 persons.

Foreign Teachers Apartment Building

The Foreign Teachers Apartment Building, which mainly provides services for the international teachers invited by the university and some visitors, has 28 rooms including 16 rooms for international teachers, 2 suites and 10 standard rooms. The prices range from 480 to 280 yuan/day.

Youyuan Hotel

Youyuan Hotel, renovated in 2015, provides a convenient and satisfying environment for conferences and training classes. With two newly installed elevators, the hotel has 92 rooms including 67 standard double rooms and 25 single rooms. It also has a meeting room that can hold 30 people. The price of the room is 210 yuan/day.

Xianlin Hotel

Xianlin International Student Apartment Building (Xianlin Hotel) is situated at Building 21 of Group 4 on Nanjing University’s Xianlin Campus. Opened to use in August 2014, the 18-story building of 20,268 square meters now accommodates 178 students from South Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan and so on. There are 184 rooms in the international student apartment section (floors 11 to 18) and 207 rooms in the hotel section (floors 2 to 10). The building has a meeting room that can hold 30 people, and there are washing machines, hot water machines, microwave ovens and drinking water machines in the public section. The price of the hotel’s room is 180 yuan/day. The price of the International student apartment is 6,000 yuan apiece a year for a room of 2 persons and 12,000 yuan apiece a year for a room of one’s own.


The department of restaurants consists of Nanyuan Restaurant, Nanfangyuan Restaurant and Nanfangyuan Specialties Restaurant. Nanyuan restaurant and Nanfangyuan restaurant specialize in the Huaiyang cuisine and serves delicious and healthy dishes, but they also provide other Chinese dishes and Western cuisine and can be the choice for banquets, receptions and meetings. Nanyuan Restaurant covers 3,000 square meters, with high-quality facilities and decorations. It has 17 luxurious compartments and can serve 500 people at the same time. Nanfangyuan Restaurant has 7 compartments and can serves 280 people at the same time. Nanfangyuan Specialties Restaurant serves Chinese hamburger, pot noodles, Suzhou Dongwu noodles, roast meat with rice, pot dishes and pizzas; it provides service for more than 2,000 persons every day.


The bathing house is located next to the Nanyuan multiple-function building and provides service for students and teachers. You can have a good experience without paying much there and the money should be paid by the Campus Card. The heating system is environment-friendly and the men’s sauna room is well decorated and fully equipped. The resting areas have comfortable sofas, TVs and air-conditioners; the shower room has multiple sections and the sauna room also provides service like foot-massage and cupping therapy.

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