Visa and Residence

Visas and residence permits are important documents for the legal residence of international students in China. They determine whether a student can study at ease during their time at the school, as well as easily finish their studies. Visas and residence permits are, however, relatively complex matters, and different situations require different complicated procedures to handle them. Students should therefore read and understand the following material in detail, and may consult the International Students’ Services Office of Institute for International Students on any aspect which remains unclear. This ensures that for the time of your study, your visa and residence permit will not become a  problem.

Students who are under an X1 visa and will stay at Nanjing for more than half a year need to apply for a residence permit which allows you to have the multiple entry. These students must go to Nanjing Public Security Bureau to apply for a residence permit within 30 days, after entering China.  

These students should bring the following materials to the Entrance and Exit Affairs office of the Nanjing Public Security Bureau to handle the residence permit application procedures:

  • “Certificate of Health” issued by the Nanjing Public Health and Quarantine Bureau.

  • “Application for Visa and Residence Permits” issued by the school.

  • “Application Form for International Students Entrance Visa” (JW201 or JW202).

  • A valid passport with an X type visa and its copy

  • “Temporary Residence Registration Form” offered by the local police substation

  • Two passport-sized photos

Students under an X2 visa must register at the nearest local police station with your passport within 24 hours after moving in your room.

If X2 holders would like to apply for the multiple entry, please do the same  procedures as X1 holders.

The address of Entrance and Exit Affairs office of Nanjing Public Security Bureau

No. 173, Bai-Xia Road

Consultation Number: 86-25-84420005

Visa Information Number: 86-25-84420014/84420024


  • If your living address has changed during your study in NJU, please go to  the Nanjing Public Security Bureau (for X1 holders) or the nearest local police station (for X2 holders) again, within 10 days, to update your information and  residence permit.

  • If you have any question concerning your visa, you can go to Room 518, Zeng Xianzi Building (Gulou) for help.

    Tel: 86-25-83592473.

Leaving the Country after Finishing Studies

When leaving mainland China after finishing their studies, international students must leave before the expiration of their visa or residence permit. If due to accident a student is unable to leave within the stipulated time, they must submit an application, and after approval must extend their visa or residence permit.

Students who want to suspend their schooling must go to the Institute’s International Students’ Service Office to reduce their residence permit.  

Respecting Chinese Law and  Associated Regulations


The legal rights of international students studying in China receive protection under Chinese law. Students must also respect the laws of China and the regulations of their school.

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