​Nobel Laureate Professor Jean-Pierre Sauvage Visits NJU

Winner of the 2016 Nobel Prize in chemistry, Professor Jean-Pierre Sauvage of University of Strasbourg, visited Nanjing University from October 25 to 27 and attended as a special guest on the First International Supramolecular Chemistry Seminar of Ethnic Chinese at the invitation of the university’s School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.   

On October 25, the university held a ceremony on Xianlin Campus formally inviting Professor Sauvage to be academic advisor of the university’s Workshop for World’s Top Scientists.    

Attending the ceremony were Professor Chen Hongyuan, academician of the Chinese academy of science, and Pan Yi, former vice president of Nanjing University, and leaders of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.      

Xia Xinghua, vice dean of the chemistry school, presided over the ceremony, giving a briefing on how Nanjing University’s Workshop for World’s Top Scientists, led by academician Chen Hongyuan, was established.    

Professor Pan Yi introduced Professor Sauvage’s achievement in the area of molecular machines.    

Academician Chen Hongyuan presented a letter of appointment to Sauvage, formally inviting him to be academic advisor to Nanjing University’s Workshop for World’s Top Scientists.       

Sauvage delivered a thank-you speech and accepted with pleasure the invitation to be academic advisor to the workshop for World’s Top Scientists.   

He said that he had visited Nanjing University in October 2010. Returning here again after seven years, he was much impressed by the university’s development in its chemistry discipline.    

He said that he would continue paying close attention to the university’s development in chemistry discipline and other relevant areas.           

On the morning of October 26, Sauvage gave a lecture on the discovery and development of molecular machines to over a hundred faculty and students.    

The study of molecular machines is still in a preliminary stage and the combination of molecular machines with other areas will start a new era, he pointed out.    

He also talked about supramolecular chemistry, which he called an interdisciplinary science and regarded as playing a key role in the development of molecular machines and in providing a unique view in the study of chemistry.    

Li Shuhua, executive dean of the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering chaired the lecture meeting.    


Academician Chen Hongyuan presents the letter of appointment to Professor Sauvage   

Professor Sauvage gives a lecture on the discovery and development of molecular machines   


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