How semesters are arranged?

The academic year at NJU is divided into two semesters: a spring semester and  a fall one.

A semester usually lasts 17 weeks, of which the last 2 weeks are set aside for exam review. The school year starts in September, which is also the start of  the fall semester; the spring semester usually starts in February.

The summer vacation begins in July, and lasts for about 8 weeks. Winter vacation is determined by the date of the Chinese Spring Festival, also known as Chinese New Year, and because the date of this festival differs from year to year, the length of the winter break is not fixed. It usually begins 12 days  before the start of the festival, and lasts about 5 weeks in all.


International students enjoy the same holidays as Chinese students. The university does not break for holidays which are recognized by other countries. Apart from winter and summer vacations, important holidays include:

January 1st

New Years Day  

1  day vacation


Spring Festival

7  days vacation

April 5th

Qing Ming Festival

1 day vacation

May 1st

Labor Day

1 day vacation


Dragon Boat Festival  

1 day vacation


Mid-autumn Festival  

1 day vacation

October 1st---7th

National Day   

7  days vacation

About Express Delivery 

In case you need to send or receive the mails, the mailing address of both  campuses is as following:

Xianlin Campus, Nanjing University, No.163 Xianlin Avenue, Qixia District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China

Postcode: 210023 


Gulou Campus, Nanjing University, Hankou Road 22, Gulou District, Nanjing,  Jiangsu Province, China

Postcode: 210093 


All the mails and packages sent to you will be kept in the Delivery Service Spot, instead of delivering to your dorms directly. Please go there to pick it  up.