Freshers Inspired When Chancellor Welcomes Them in Rain       

This year Nanjing University enrolls over 9,000 new students. Among them, over 3,260 undergraduates and 3,100 master’s and doctoral students registered on Xianlin Campus, and another 3,000 master’s and doctoral students registered on Gulou campus.   

August 31 was the first registration day for Nanjing University’s new students. The students were cheered by the cool weather after the rain of early fall drove away the summer heat in Nanjing, but they were more heartened when they saw the university’s Chancellor Zhang Yibin among those who went to the Nanjing South Railway Station to welcome them despite the pouring rain.    

Zhang also greeted the university’s staff and volunteers who were receiving the new students there.    


On the scene (photographed by She Zhijun)   

Visiting freshmen (photographed by She Zhijun)   


24-hour freshmen reception       

Right in front of the passenger exit of the railway station stood a row of booths where NJU volunteers were greeting and receiving the new students.   


Li is a freshman in the math, physics and science studies. He and his family arrived early after over eight hours of train ride, and the volunteers led them to get on the bus the university had sent to pick up new students.    

“I feel like a stranger when getting off the train,” said Li. “However, no sooner had I walked out of the station than a sign of Nanjing University caught my eyes, and I felt secure when I saw the smiling faces of the volunteers.”   


Special bus for NJU (photographed by She Zhijun)   


This was the fourth year in a row for Chancellor Zhang to go to the train station to welcome freshmen.    

He inquired the volunteers about the work of the new students’ reception and bus ride and extended his welcome to the new students and their parents.    

The university had carefully planned the work of meeting its freshmen in order to let them experience the hospitality and warmth, he said.    

Zhang also explained to the students and their parents the university’s new admission policy of placing students in a general area of disciplines instead of assigning them to a particular academic major.    

A majority of this year’s new undergraduates are no longer separated into different schools or departments. Rather, they go to 11 disciplinary areas and four majors.    

The freshmen education administration would be, correspondingly, shared by the student affairs offices of general disciplinary areas and related schools and departments.   


Greeting volunteers at the train station (photographed by She Zhijun)      

“We came to the station in the morning to meet our younger brothers and sisters and won’t leave until early next morning,” said Chen, a junior from the Software Institute. “I am excited and proud to be a volunteer, and I want to pass on such warmth to those freshmen.”   


It was learned that this year, Nanjing University has set up its main “freshmen reception station” on Xianlin Campus, “secondary station” on Gulou Campus for dispatch and management,  and round-the-clock “stations” at Nanjing Railway Station, Xiaohongshan Bus Terminal and Nanjing South Railway Station.    

At each reception station, student volunteers greeted new students as they got off the bus or train, answered their questions and helped carry their luggage to the school bus.    


Being met upon arrival (photographed by She Zhijun)      

New Life at NJU Awaits Special Freshman      

Among the first year students this year, there is one who is very special.      

A backpacked boy wearing a hearing aid had just finished his registration when he bumped into Chancellor Zhang Yibin, who came to see the students.      

This is Huang, from Shenqiu County, Zhoukou City, Henan Province.    

He was his county’s highest College Entrance Exam scorer of those applying to science subjects and is now enrolled on the chemistry and life sciences program of Kuangyaming Hornors School.    

He was diagnosed as hearing impaired at age two, but he achieved Level Ten in piano playing and is an excellent cook.     

Chancellor Zhang encouraged Huang to continue to overcome difficulties, take part in group activities, and brave the challenges of university life.    

Huang told the Chancellor about his plans for college life and academic study. He expressed his hope for getting to know his fellow students and quickly integrating himself into the family of Nanjing University.      

Huang lost his hearing due to drug allergy and is classified as having level-two hearing disability. Indeed, even with the hearing aid, he still has some difficulty talking with others.    

However, he never regards hearing impairment as an impediment.    

“There is no difference between people like me and our peers,” he said. “Hearing impairment is not an excuse for escapism. We may indeed meet greater challenges, so we have to work harder.”      

Huang is an optimist. After hard practice, he achieved Level Ten in piano playing, and he always makes an effort to improve his ability to converse with others.    

With his mother’s coaching, he has also become good at doing housework, especially cooking dishes.      

“His achievements have resulted from the joint efforts of society, his family and himself, and I hope he will be able to make contributions to society, which has been good to him,” said Huang’s mother, who expressed her appreciation for the convenience and good facilities the university has provided for her child.      

“Green Channel”: No One NJUer Less   

At the “main reception station” on Xianlin Campus, Chancellor Zhang came to the “Green Channel,” set up for new students with financial difficulties, greeted the dozens of students and their parents there, and handed over to them the “Packages of Loving Heart,” which contained daily necessities and stationery items.   

Zhang wanted them to concentrate on their study and promised them that the university will help solve their difficulties.   

Greeting volunteers (photographed by She Zhijun)   

Conversing with new students’ parents (photographed by She Zhijun)   

Listening to volunteers brief on the work of freshmen reception (photographed by She Zhijun)      

“Keep the mind on study, lead a happy life, and pursue all-round growth.”   

This is the promise Nanjing University has made to every student.    

In order not to let a single student left behind because of financial difficulty and in order to make sure that all students can enjoy quality education and complete their study, the university has offered diverse, easily accessible subsidies, including scholarships, grants, student loans, tuition waivers and home-going subsidies.      

The recent earthquake in Sichuan worried all at the university. Right after the earthquake, the university carried out student investigation and got ready for emergency earthquake assistance.    

So far, luckily, no report has been received on household damage from first year students in the quake-stricken areas.    

It was said that the university just upgraded its Shixin Shiyi Program of providing assistance for students with financial difficulties.    

The program is targeted at students from disaster-stricken areas and from low-income families, and its package includes a hardship allowance of 600 yuan, a meal allowance of 600 yuan, a cellphone subsidy, bedding items, a booklet of guidance on living on campus, and a “Package of Loving Heart.”    

The Package of Loving Heart not only contains daily necessities and stationery items, but also “food for soul” in an attempt to encourage students to strive for progress: that is, a collection of stories of inspirational models and one of growth stories titled Yuhua Banlan (achieving splendidly as Rain Flower Stones).    

Meanwhile, if new students from poor families had their parents come to deliver them, the university provided those parents with three-day free meals at school canteens and over 100 beds at the doctoral students’ dormitories to make sure that they have no worry about their room and board.   

Chancellor Zhang visited the reception booths of seven disciplinary areas and six schools and departments. At every booth, he learned about the enrollment, extended gratitude and welcome to freshmen and their parents, and talked with students and have photos taken with them.   

Signing his name

At the freshers' dorm

Talking with freshman

At Building Six, which is a women’s dormitory, Huang Yuyang came to register as a science student together with her father, who had happened to be a first year student at NJU’s math department in 1988. 


“I’m proud to become an NJU student and will be an alumna just as my father,” said Huang.    

Chancellor Zhang encouraged her to study hard at NJU and told her father not to worry about her wellbeing.    

At Building One, which is a men’s dormitory, Zhang said to the students that they have every reason to study hard and strive for all-round development since the university has accumulated a pool of high-quality teachers and since it has taken care of the students’ wellbeing.       

New NJUers Make New Scenes on Campus       

The new students brought new scenes.   


Welcoming new NJUers on Xianlin Campus (She Zhijun)   


The same goes (Welcoming new NJUers) on Gulou campus (Wang Hongbing)   

Scene 1: Welcoming new students can also be creative.     

After the washing of the rain of early fall, Nanjing University looks afresh and ready to embrace its new students from afar.   

This year’s reception and educational administration for new students have adopted a new method which combines the existing student affairs offices of schools and departments with newly established student affairs offices of disciplinary areas.    

The university’s Office of Student Affairs takes charge of student work in the seven disciplinary areas and six schools and departments.     

Each reception desk at these student affairs offices has prepared little gifts for the new students:    

Butterfly specimens and leaf vein bookmarks for those who major in chemistry and life sciences,    

Short Chinese poems and T-shorts with oracle language for those who major in humanities and international mass communication,    

Postcards in seven languages for those who major in foreign languages and literature,    

Hand-made campus-life-guide booklets for those who major in social sciences, and    

“Passports” that can record daily life for those who major in business science.      

The gift for each new student from the university’s Office of Academic Affairs was a self-designed notebook which contains pictures painted and photos taken by students on the theme of “Four years at NJU.”    

The notebook has the title “pleasure in reading,” expressing the hope that students can read more and record their beautiful memories of university life.     

President Chen Jun came to these reception desks to greet teachers and students. While the students gave him those little gifts, he made thumbs-up for the students' creativity.   


 Talking with new students (She Zhijun)   


Listening to students (She Zhijun)     

The mathematical science and technology class hosted a “NJU family.” Classmate Cheng brought over his parents, his father being a graduate of the university’s School of Liberal Arts, and his mother a graduate of the School of Journalism and Communication.    

We have always been following the news on the university’s development,” they said. “In recent years, its undergraduate teaching reform has achieved great results, and we believe our child will have good development under the great teachers.    

President Chen Jun thanked the Chengs for their trust and reassured them that their child will grow up healthily at the university.   

Chen also said that he hopes there will be more and more NJU families in the future.    


Long came from Kaohsiung, Taiwan. When President Chen showed up, she had just finished her registration at the reception desk of the engineering experimental class.    

She told the president about her experience of getting admitted to NJU, and Chen told her to go out and spend time finding more about such a city as Nanjing.     

At the “Green Channel,” the registration place for students with financial difficulties, President Chen handed over the “Packages of Loving Heart” to those students and shook hands with each one of them.    

Chen encouraged them to work hard and promised that the university will attend to all their needs and help them overcome difficulties so as to ensure their sound development.   


(by She Zhijun)   


   (by She Zhijun)     

The activities of welcoming new students also attracted visitors to Nanjing University, Hans Thybo and Irina Artemieva, research fellows from the Royal Danish Academy of Science and Letteres and the Europian Academy of Sciences.    


They came to the reception desks, where volunteers put on their chests the university’s  commemorative badges.    

The two academicians said that they could see the future and hope on those youthful faces.    

President Chen shared with them the university’s enrollment situation in recent years and expressed the wish of Nanjing University to strengthen the future cooperation between two sides.   


At the Scene (by She Zhijun)   


 Meeting (by She Zhijun)     

Scene 2: President Gives Blessings to 5 Pairs of Twins    


Among all the new students this year, three pairs of twin brothers and two pairs of twin sisters quickly became the focus of attention.     

Guan Yuxuan and Guan Yu’ang came from Huai’an, Jiangsu Province, and they were admitted by Nanjing University to study, respectively, economic management and mathematical sciences.    

As they told others, they had already carefully studied the university’s educational plan, social activities, and curricula, and they had also made a general plan for the four years to come.  


They said they hope to realize their dreams with the nurturing of the natural and cultural environment of Nanjing University.   

Xu Kai and Xu Xuan, also from Jiangsu Province, are always together on the road of study. They have always been in the same class since they went to school as little boys, and this year, have both become freshmen in the economic management experimental class.    

They are looking forward to the dormitory life with many students living together, but they also feel a little bit nervous because they have never had such experience before.    

Besides, they said that they wanted to join the debate team and the student union once the school begins.     

The twin brothers Chen Yuqin and Chen Yusi are from Guizhou Province. They said that they had been yearning for Nanjing University since high school.    

This year, they successfully entered Nanjing University to study computer science and electronic information respectively. They hope that they will enjoy the brilliant college years.     

The twin sisters Dong Yue’er and Dong Ting came from Zhejiang Province and have been admitted, respectively, to the humanities and science experimental class and the mathematical science experimental class.    

Nanjing University suits them very well because it has great academic strength over others but at the same time takes a low profile, said the Dong sisters.   

When talking about the future college life, the twin sisters Liu Lingxin and Liu Lingjie, from Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, said that they would like to try out all new and useful things so as to gain knowledge and broaden their vista.     

President Chen had photos taken with those twins and said that it was rare and commendable for twins to be enrolled in Nanjing University together.    

He hoped that the twins and all other students will get along well, share their feelings, continue to support one another and together usher in a new chapter in Nanjing University.   

At the Scene (by She Zhijun)     

This year marks the first time Nanjing University implemented the policy of enrolling students according to disciplinary areas, said Chen, so the students should accommodate themselves to changes in learning methods the new policy brings.   

“From primary school to high school, students grow with the help of parents and teachers,” said Chen, “but when students leave their parents and their hometown and come to Nanjing University, they should make their own choice on the path of life.”   

The students, Chen hoped, should actively develop their own interest and choose their own way of study to integrate themselves with the university life and with society.      

Besides, it is a major reform for Nanjing University to enroll students according to disciplinary areas, added Chen, and this reform requires teachers and students to adapt themselves to the changes brought forth by the reform.     

Scene 3: Details Help Make a Home Away from Home   


Early in the morning, student volunteers were gathered at the gate of Xianlin Campus, holding high the purple placards of department names. They were waiting for new comers, their younger brothers and sisters.     

Signs of clear direction were erected on and off campus, and campus guards were busy directing cars at road conjunctions and parking lots.    

Following these signs, students could easily find thier registration and orientation booths.      

To make new students feel at home, the university started to prepare for their arrival way in advance.    

(By She Zhijun)     

Even during the summer, the new students received on WeChat from university offices, schools and departments various kinds of Introductions amd campus life guides on the university’s history, campus layout, canteen services and so on with vivid pictures and details.    

They were even reminded of guarding against fraud on and off the campus.   

They were contacted by instructors of the student affairs office by telephone, QQ or WeChat. QQ and WeChat groups were even set up for their parents, so the teacher, student, parent communication could already be made instantly.      

When the new students came for registration, volunteers served as their guides, taking them around and answering their questions.    

The university CPC committee even set up Party member’s posts and had over 300 student Party members from ten schools and departments serve as volunteers working in ten different places, including the university gate, registration desks, Enling Theater, Gymnasium, and Education Supermarket.      

Some first year students also joined the volunteers. The economic management experimental class set up its online live broadcast to give new students campus tours, and Wu hosted the show even though she herself is a freshman from Jiangsu.   

(By She Zhijun)     

For the convenience of the freshmen and their parents, the university placed water dispensers and disposable cups at ten registration booths.    

The canteens of the logistics group even offered chrysanthemum tea and sweet bean soup, giving new comers warm feelings.     

Again, for the convenience of students, the university opened to service an exclusive shuttle bus line going from the registration booths to freshmen dormitories.    

In addition, student instructors and dorm supervisors chekced every bed in the freshmen dormitories to make sure there would be no safety hazards.    

“This is called Eryuan Square, Eryuan referring to the two origins of Nanjing University,” explained Zhang, one of the voluntary student tour guides for the new students and their parents who were not already satisfied with the online campus tour the university sent out by WeChat.    

Depending on the number of students and parents who signed up, the impromptu tour group went out about once every two hours.    


(By She Zhijun)   


(By She Zhijun)   

  (By She Zhijun)     

On Gulou campus, similarly, direction boards were put up at the campus gate explaining the processes of registration in detail.    

Following these signs, the new students finished their registration, physical examination, tuition payment and other items on the procedure.     

Many university leaders greeted the freshmen during enrolment.     

(Source from News Center)   


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