Thank you, NJU, for turning me into my best in four years   


When first entering NJU, I thought the four years’re ganna be too long, so long that the graduation’d be far away.   

Now that the four years have passed, I feel the university life has been too short, so short that tears well up in eyes with the thought of departure upon graduation.    

How long has the four-year period like?   

I’ve seen the magnolia blossom and wither away again and again in front of my building, and reach my balcony in four years.   

I’ve seen the little trees turn green and yellow again and again by the roadside, and now give us shades after four years.    

From Xianlin to Gulou,   

A look at the four years threads countless dreams I dreamt.   

Where should I begin to tell the four-year story at NJU?      


Hi, NJU   


Finally after the battlefield of the college entrance examination quieted down in 2013, I entered the gate of NJU, with the purple-covered admission notice in hand, and with a heart beating just below the throat.    

The admission notification in 2013   

The registration of new students that year remains like a grand gathering in the memory.    

Standing on Xianlin campus, I felt it was far bigger than what I could imagine. Walking on Jinda Lu and Yuandong Dadao, I almost lost my way when trying to find the platform of NO. 2 Teaching Building on campus.    

The bustling place that welcomed the arriving new students in 2013   

I met friendly senior students working as guides and was given the fascinating orientation manual. I was intoxicated with excitement, but now I can still recall every detail.   

In September 2013, we were in military training.   

During the military training that year, we experienced first-hand the “warm welcome” of Nanjing as one the hottest four furnaces in China.    

We learned for the first time that May 20th is the anniversary of the founding of our university. We 800 women students from 32 schools and departments formed a huge “111” number with red scarves to show our good wishes to the university.   

It is pity no one took photos of us in queues.    

I love everything at the university   

I love everything at the university. Early in the morning, I love to walk out of the gate and look back at its name, which shines like a dream.    

I love to walk around on campus, where every building, every tree and every grass is unique. The young trees I saw in 2013 have grown up with us over the past four years.    

I love to listen to the school bells. I love to walk in the crowd heading for the canteen after class.   

I like my dormitory in Dorm Group 1, honored “CBD on Campus.” I have the supermarket downstairs, and snack shops, express service street and printing facilities located nearby, but most of all, the dorm on the 2nd floor plus its balcony gives me the best view.   

I love everything at Nanjing University. It is as warm as home.   

Thinking and growing   

In 2015, I was busy with exams, GPAs, competitions and internships. Life became busy and out of order as we entered our third year. I began to think too much but do too little.   

The university’s motto “Perseverance with Integrity” often encouraged me.   

If I felt confused, I’d go to Gulou Campus and stand in front of the North Building. Looking at the red star on top of the building, I might become full of hope once again.    

If I lost patience, I’d sit beside the brick with “1919” carved on it and think of the history of over a century. The university’s profound culture silently motivated me to hang on and go forth.   

If I was tired, I’d walk through the activity center to watch the rehearsal of my fellow students in a drama or dancing troupe, everyone full of vigor and vitality. That was a workshop that cultured talent and dreams, including mine.   

Walking out of the library, I forgot the pressure of study for the moment, and jogging on the playground, I am accompanied by numerous night runneres. I was never alone.   

No one would ignore the good food on campus. Even when in trouble, it brought me pleasure to think about what to eat for lunch. I remember that upon return from the summer internship, what I missed most was the inexpensive but delicious food in the canteen, which gave the instant cure even on the gloomiest day.   

Even when confused, I never stopped thinking and groping. That itself was a precious step of growth, too.   

Fourth year: this is still the best place    

In 2016 when everything was settled and answers became clear for my near future, I suddenly realized that the days left for me as a student were numbered, and so I couldn’t help but cherish every day I had.      

As year 2017 began, I told myself that I must go watch an open-air movie, the kind that is shown in front of the library. Sitting on the stone stairs in the front, there was neither the large film screen nor fancy audio equipment as we would in a movie theater, but there is a kind of atmosphere which is special and worthy of memory.              

I told myself that I must take photos of NJU campus in the first snow of the year. Even if it would be freezing outside, I must never miss the charming scenes of the white campus.    

I told myself that I must go to a live concert on campus, enjoying myself in the music and applause, enjoying my youthfulness, and enjoying the feeling of being moved in tears.   

I told myself that I must from now on spend more time with my roommates, having classes, meals and journeys, since there will be fewer and fewer chances for us to hang out together in the future.     


I told myself that for one more time, I must go to watch the cherry blossoms on Gulou campus and plum and peach blossoms on the back of Xianlin campus.       

I may have to miss it but I’d still like to watch, for one more time, the lotus flowers in the pond in front of the library.   


I told myself that I must set all my work aside and enjoy every second of the university’s anniversary on May 20, before we sing our farewell songs.    

Now, the gardenias are blooming again and the farewell song can be heard everywhere on campus. I already purchased the ticket to leave in June, but no longer the ticket to come back in September. We will start our new journey from here, with all the gifts NJU has given us.   

We are leaving, but wait a minute, let’s put the best pose and leave here pictures of four years of our youth. We want to say “Thank you ” to NJU: thank you for helping us become the best of ourselves.              

If all encounters happen after long separations, then separation means a better encounter in the future.      

(Xi Yin)

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