​NJU Holds Symphony Concert to Mark 115th Anniversary

A special symphony concert in celebration of the 115th anniversary of Nanjing University was held in the evening of May 21 at the auditorium on Gulou Campus.   

Enjoying the concert along with about one thousand students, teachers, and alumni were former leaders of Nanjing University such as Yu Shaoyi, Dong Jian and Yuan Chuanrong, Zhang Quanxing, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Wang Mingsheng, standing member of the university’s CPC committee and head of publicity, and heads of some schools and departments.   

The concert began with Guan Xia’s master piece First Symphony Overture, directed by Lv Xiaoyi, standing conductor of the symphony orchestra.    

The overture was adopted from Guan Xia’s opera A Sorrowful Dawn, which, while expressing the high spirit of people in modern time, highly appreciates those of the older generation who devoted their lives to the nation.   

(Photographed by Wang Hongbing)   

The 15-year-old conductor Zou Peiwen directed Brahms’ “Hungarian Dances” and “Pirates of the Caribbean.” The young conductor and performers were full of vigor and vitality.   

The concert reached its climax with Lv Xiaoyi directing “Night on Bald Mountain” and the first move of Tchaikovsky’s Fifth Symphony.   

After long applauses of the audience, the orchestra performed another two pieces for encores, “Heaven and Hell” and “Lezghinka,” which led to another climax of the concert.   

The concert came to the end with the magnificent Anthem of Nanjing University, when the audience stood up and sang together.   

Since the symphony orchestra was founded about two decades ago, it has been an important platform for teachers and students of Nanjing University to carry out ethical education and cultivate artistic taste.   

Meanwhile, the orchestra has been responsible for implementing the “Elegant Art on Campus” program and has received popular praise.    

(Youth League Committee)   

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