​Kyushu University President Visits Nanjing University

Nanjing University President Chen Jun held an extensive discussion with Kubo Chiharu, president of Kyushu University, Japan, on how to strengthen exchanges and cooperation between these two universities during the Japanese guest’s visit to Nanjing University’s Xianlin Campus on May 12, 2017.   

Assistant President Pu Lijie accompanied Chen when meeting with the Japanese president.   

Chen gave a briefing on Nanjing University’s history, research in basic science, talent cultivation, Xianlin Campus construction and so on, especially on the university’s effort this year when China launched the program of forging world-class universities and top disciplines.    

By the principle of serving the national and regional social and economic development, Chen said, Nanjing University will seize this opportunity to accelerate the development of top education and the application and transformation of scientific research achievements.   

Chen hoped that the two universities can join hands with each other and have further cooperation on disciplinary development and student exchange programs.    

He also hoped that President Kubo Chiharu could support the “Jiangsu Cup” Mandarin Speaking Competition, which will be held at Kyushu University.   

President Kubo Chiharu highly praised the significant achievements Nanjing University has made in the educational reform and briefly introduced the scientific research development and student education at Kyushu University.    

He hoped that the two universities can strengthen cooperation on scientific research and exchange programs in the future.    

Kubo also said that Kyushu University will actively discuss and hold this Mandarin Speaking Competition.   

Present at the discussion were representatives from Jiangsu International Cultural Exchange Center, Nanjing University’s Institute for International Students, Japanese Department and Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges.    

(By Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges)   

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